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What is Forming in Sheet Metal?

How We’ve Maintained Our Form in the Field

Sheet metal forming is one of the most popular services that we offer. What is it though – and how do we ensure that each job is completed to the highest possible standards? Here is everything that you need to know.

What is sheet metal forming?

So, first things first – what is sheet metal forming? Forming, or bending, is the process when a force is applied to sheet metal in order to cause it to change its shape. Sheet metal is a highly versatile material, and can be formed into a wide range of different shapes. It’s something that we carry out every day here at Potters! It can be a complex process – but luckily, we have the tools and experience to carry it out successfully!

About the sheet metal forming process

Let’s move on from asking ‘what is forming in sheet metal’, and onto finding out more about what the process itself entails. The bending of the metal is carried out using a press brake machine. This can, depending on what the job requires, be automatically or manually loaded with tools and programs. Press brakes are available in a variety of different sizes and lengths. Again, which one is used depends on what the particular job requires. The piece of sheet metal is placed between the upper tool (the punch), and the lower tool (the die), and held in place by the backstop.

The bend angle is decided by the depth that the sheet is forced by the punch into the die. We will control this precisely to ensure that you get the desired bend. We have a wide range of tools at our disposal to ensure that we can meet all kinds of forming requirements.

Things to consider

Sheet metal forming is a very precise task, and we carry it out with the utmost care for our clients. When carrying out the process of sheet metal forming, the following should always be considered:

  • Any parts that the component will be fitted to or with following forming
  • The sheet metal thickness
  • Holes and design features that could be too close to the bend line
  • The limitations of the tools being used

We have plenty of experience when it comes to forming sheet metal, and will be able to advise you if we encounter any issues relating to your order regarding the above.

Our experience

Who are we forming sheet metal for? Well, we work with a large variety of clients here at Potters. Over the years we have become known as industry leaders when it comes to sheet metal forming, thanks to our years of experience in certain sectors. We now specialise in the following fields: the electronics industry, electronic enclosures, medical, and audio-visual-broadcast equipment. Working on orders of all sizes and complexities, we can bring a client’s vision to life with ease.

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If you want to find out more about us and the forming sheet metal services that we provide, we’re just a phone call away! We’ll be able to answer any questions that you have, and can get your project started as soon as possible.

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