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The Ultimate Guide to Laser Cutting & Punching

When you need to create a shape or a hole in a piece of sheet metal, laser cutting and punching are the most commonly used methods. Both offer distinct benefits and are suitable for a number of different applications. Here at LL Potters, we offer both! To help you choose which is right for you and your project, here’s our ultimate guide to laser cutting and punching.

Laser Cutting

To know which is the right choice for you, it’s important to know what laser cutting and punching both entail. Let’s start off with laser cutting; this method uses a focused beam to cut through sheet metal in the desired pattern, followed by a stream of gas being used to blow through the cut area to leave a clean cut hole. We use CNC technology to automate the process, allowing us to meet the right tolerances.


Punching involves sheet metal being placed between a punch and a die. The punch presses into the piece of metal, which then pushes the excess material down into the die. Again, we use CNC technology when performing the punching process, allowing us to really speed up the process and keep costs to a minimum.

Choosing The Right One For You

Now that you know the difference between laser cutting and punching, it’s time to look at the unique benefits each technique offers, and how they could apply to your own particular application.

Number and Uniformity of Holes

Think about how many holes or shapes are being cut, and if they are all a uniform size. Laser cutting is generally the preferred option when the holes are irregularly shaped, as a greater deal of flexibility and precision can be achieved. However, for multiple holes of regular sizes, punching is often the quicker and more cost-effective option.

Size of Holes

It’s important to consider if all the holes that need cutting are in common sizes. We have a wide range of punch tools ready to be used, so we are able to handle a wealth of punching jobs. Punching is generally a little quicker, particularly if there are a lot of holes. However, if the hole size or shape is particularly unusual or is a custom design, laser cutting is the better choice. If you’re not sure, we’ll advise you on which method to choose.

Thickness of Material

It’s also worth bearing the thickness of the material being cut in mind. As a general rule, laser cutting is more suitable for thicker material. However, we are able to punch a wide range of materials too. We work with materials of varying thickness here and will easily be able to identifying which is the most suitable option for your project. That’s why we’re the experts in laser cutting and punching so many businesses recommend.

Working With LL Potters

No matter if you opt for laser cutting or punching, we are here to offer all of the assistance we can. As sheet metal experts since 1964, we’ve been helping customers in all sectors with laser cutting and punching for many years. We always invest in the latest technology, and our current punch/laser Combination machine offers the best of both worlds in one process, utilising the latest fibre laser cutting technology and up to thirty tonnes of punching force via an AC servo electric drive system that harvests and recycles its power. This allows us to cut and punch an even wider array of materials than we did before, including copper, brass and titanium. We can cut these with higher speeds and an even higher repetitive accuracy, guaranteeing the same great results every time.

We’re Here to Help

We get to know every single one of our clients, using our years of expertise to identify what it is that they need. Working to a range of budgets and time frames, we deliver cost-effective solutions that you can count on. So no matter your requirements, we’ll be able to help.
If you have any questions about us and the laser cutting and punching services we provide, then please do get in touch with the team today. They will be able to give you the answers that you need right away, and will be able to advise you on what to do next. When it comes to sheet metal punching and cutting, we’re the team you can count on.

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